Terms of Use

Last updated: Mar 20, 2018

Ethical Conduct

While using our products, you will refrain from unethical and/or lewd behavior. You may not use the site in such a way that would not comply with state and federal laws. You may not falsely represent our brand or claim affiliation without our consent. Images or content including pornography, false advertisement, unwarranted solicitation, spam, or encouragement or illegal activity is strictly prohibited.


Your personal information is extremely important to us. We treat matters of security with the utmost priority. Your account information will only be shared internally on a need to know basis. You are fully liable for any misuse of your log in credentials and account information.


All banking information will be kept secure. As an organizer, you will receive your funds within 5 to 7 business days of your event, but generally sooner. Special or early payout requests may be made in certain cases.


Passenger Ticketing is not liable for refunds. Organizer accounts will have the option to grant their own refunds. Consumers may request a refund from the organizer contact. If said contact does not grant the refund, Passenger will not be held responsible. In extreme cases, we do reserve the right to hold funds from organizer accounts until said issues are resolved. If granted by the organizer, refunds will be processed within 24 hours of the approval.


In order to operate and maintain new development on services, customers will be charged a service fee when they purchase tickets. A processing fee from our banking partners is added, as well. This formula comes out to a base + % of the ticket cost. It is Passenger's goal to stay competitive with our fees to encourage event sales. That said, we have implemented a unique fee system, that scales ticket price chronologically. In other words, customers pay less fees the further out they purchase their tickets.


It is our goal to provide concierge services to long term partners. That said, selected organizers will be given the option to contract exclusively with Passenger. Exclusive clientele will be eligible for perks such as monetary kickbacks for your business, event marketing, promotional offers, and invites to special events. In exchange, we reserve the rights to manage 90% of said establishment’s ticketing. The remaining 10% may be managed by a secondary ticketer upon our approval. Exclusivity contracts last from 1 to 3 years, and are unique based upon your needs.